Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This Holy man lives without food and water since 75 years !

                                    "Prahlad Jani"

  Survival of Holy man without food or water since 75 years 


How long  can you  be without food and water? Few days only, but here is the case of holy man from India who is surviving from last 75 yrs without  any food or water intake.                                                              

Prahlad Jani,holy man from Gujarat,India has been a mysterious case and challenge for scientists and doctors.Till date there is no specific conclusion on his divine energies because of which he is surviving without water or food for almost 75 yrs now.

Born on 13 august 1929  ,Mehsaana Gujarat ,Mr Jani is also known as 'Chunriwala Mataaji' He left his home at the age of 7 and went to jungle .At the age of 11 he went through some religious process and became follower of 'Amba' goddess.Since than he chose to dress as female ,wear accessories etc.Since 1970 he lived in caves as hermit in the rainforest near Ambaji temple in Gujarat meditating.He claims that he gets drops of liquid sustenance in his mouth through a hole in his palatte  which helps  him survive. This sounds unbelievable isnt ?no food ,no water?As per medical science a human rarely can survive without it for a week barely.Even in extreme diet cases ,this practice is harmful for human body.

Medical Tests 

So what exactly is the truth behind this ?To check several tests were conducted on Mr Jani in the year 2003 and 2010 by doctor Sudhir Shah and his team of 35 researchers from Defence Institute of physiology and Alled sciences at Sterling Hospital,Ahmedabad. He was kept under strict  camera vigilance .His every move  was noted.During this duration he did not ate food or water,neither he passed any stool or urine.He only gargles and sunbathes.After 15 days his reports came out totally normal and his health was described as fit as half of his age.

In Sep 2010 Dr Shah announced that scientist from Germany and Austria have offered to conduct research and Mr Jani is ready to cooperate.

It is assumed his divine energy is derived by meditative powers and his devotion for goddess "Amba". Scientist and researchers are still trying to find the reason and the mystery continues.

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saurabh said...

Really amazing....what all people can achieve through prayers and meditation.thanks for sharing...

Davendra Sohaya said...

Wah, that must be a topic of research. Signifies the cultutral depths and knowledge. Salute to our culture and knowledge


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